CintaNotes – a Free Quick and Easy Text Grabber !

Many times I’m working on projects where I need to grab a lot of information from different places, URLs for an article, or I just need to jot down a quick note for future reference. Ive started using a Free application called CintaNotes.

CintaNote is a lightweight personal notes manager that lets you quickly save and tag any useful information that you come across, or just need to jot down. With the use of hot keys you can select a piece of text from anywhere, and then copy it along with it’s URL into a clipboard.
Retrieving your information is easy, just open CintaNotes and start typing in the search box, only the notes which contain the text you typed in will remain in the list. You can also use more sophisticated search criteria like searching by title, or by the URL the note was taken from. You may also tag your notes to make organizing them easier, and you can use those tags for filtering.
You can also synchronize note across multiple PCs. Live note synchronization is supported with the help of free online services such as DropBox.
CintaNotes can be run from your flash drive; it’s totally self-contained meaning that you can put it on a flash drive and run it directly from there. In this way, your notes will always be with you.
CintaNotes will run on any version of Windows Win2000 on up, and is available in 19 different languages.

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